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Airline Sector

The airline sector comprises thousands of airlines around the world. The biggest market is the Asia-Pacific region, followed by the U.S. The airline sector provides a vital economic link both domestically and internationally.

According to the most recent data, U.S. civil aviation supports more than 10 million jobs and accounts for 5.2% of total U.S. gross domestic product (GDP). Over the past decade, civilian aircraft engines, equipment, and parts have been the top net exports.

Global Middle-Class Growth Boosting These Stocks Worldwide

Growing Global IncomeThe current drama surrounding Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has been riveting and indicative of how the superlative growth in travel in the airline sector has encompassed Asia along with the world. For years now, since the recession hit in 2008, I have been increasingly bullish on the airline sector across the globe, but especially in the emerging markets like China, India, Eastern Europe, and Asia. Helping to drive up the demand for travel in the airline sector has been the upward push in wealth creation in many of these regions, which has given more people the ability to afford air travel. The industry s ... Read More

Three Airline Stocks I Think Are Ready to Rebound

Three Airline StocksThanks to a number of different factors, airline sector stocks have been on a tear. And thanks to an inverse relationship with the price of oil, strengthening consumer sentiment, the expected increase in business travel, and the (eventual) arrival of spring and summer, the airline sector looks poised for further gains. Oil prices experienced sharp gains between 2007 and mid-2008, subsequently tanking in step with the stock market and bottoming in early 2009. Since 2010, oil prices have risen in the shadows of the sputtering U.S. economy—neither soaring nor really pulling back. That said, oil fu ... Read More