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An annuity at the very basic is stream of cash flow for certain period of time.  They are issued by financial institution, where individual continually places the funds and at a certain point in future receives periodic payments. Annuity may be purchased by individuals who are looking for cash flow during their retirement years.

There are essentially two types of annuities; fixed and variable. In fixed annuity, individual receives fixed payments. In a variable annuity, individual receives fluctuating payments because of their dependence on the performance of underlying funds.

U.S. Retirement Confidence Way Down as Investors Flock to Products, Services That Reduce Risk

U.S. Retirement Confidence Way Down as Investors FlockRetirement confidence seems to follow the trends of the global economy. At least, that’s according to one recent survey that looked at 12,000 workers and retirees in 12 European, North American, and Asian countries, including France, Germany, Hungary, Japan, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, China, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada—making this one of the largest studies of its kind. The study found that 65% of the participants believe futur ... Read More