Daily Gains Letter

Gold Investments

A mainstay of economies worldwide, gold is currently mined in roughly 90 countries worldwide. In 2011, over 1,800 tons of gold were mined in 10 countries.  The top producing gold countries include: China, Australia, USA, Russia, South Africa, Peru, and Canada.

Since 2001, the price of gold has increased dramatically.  In 2001, gold changed hands for $271.04 an ounce. In September 2011, it hit a high of $1,923.70 an ounce.    Gold is also in its 13th consecutive year of sequential growth.

Investors looking to add gold to their portfolios may want to consider the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX).  Almost 60 percent of the world’s public mining companies are listed on the TSX.  Of those stocks traded on the TSX, roughly 60 percent are in mining, 18 percent are gold related.

How to Protect Your Portfolio and Profit as Interest Rates Rise

Interest RatesAccording to data released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) last Friday, the unemployment rate stood at 6.7% in March, which is similar to the unemployment rate in February. A total of 192,000 jobs were added, of which food and drinking places added more than 30,000 and “temporary” help services in the professional and business industry added more than 29,000 jobs. The labor market fell slightly short of expectations as analysts had forecasted the unemployment rate to be 6.6% for March. (Source: “The Employment Situation — March 2014,” Bureau of Labor Statistics web site, April 4, 2014.) The Fed announced it would start to scale back its monetary stimulus last December, after jobs numbers started to ... Read More

Want Exposure to Gold But Not a Gold Mining Stock?

Gold Mining StockThe one thing that savers and investors have these days is choice. More and more securities come to the marketplace every day and the kinds of investments available to individuals have really improved over the last few years. One of the most useful, more popular investment vehicles nowadays consists of exchange-traded funds, otherwise known as ETFs. An ETF is a security that trades on a stock exchange, but follows a commodity, an index, or a basket of assets (e.g. an index fund). ETFs can be very useful in diversifying your portfolio as well making a bet without using derivatives. Fo ... Read More

Why You Might Want to Hoard Gold

DL_George_5We have the fiscal cliff and national debt to contend with, along with jobs, manufacturing growth, and economic renewal. Moreover, there’s a recession in the eurozone that is negatively impacting the global economy, including China, Japan, and the U.S. My view is that stock values could falter in 2013, so you need a safe haven to park your capital, which many of you know is in gold. There has been plenty of talk in these pages regarding gold and whether the precious metal is headed for $2,000 an ounce. In my view, the current global risk will support and drive gold prices higher. For you, the question is whether to buy the physical bullion or gold mining stocks. For the average investor, I favor gold stocks over ... Read More