Daily Gains Letter

Large-Cap Stocks

Big-cap stocks are firms with a market capitalization of more than $10.0 billion. The market capitalization of a company is its value, which is determined by multiplying the company’s share price by its number of shares outstanding. Big-cap stocks are usually international in scope and are generally less risky than smaller firms. Big-cap stocks usually have multiple products in various parts of aneconomy, diversifying their income stream.

Why You Need to Stick with the Big Guys Right Now

Proven Companies the Place to Be at This TimeFor investors in small-cap stocks, this year has been quite a different experience from 2013, when the sector was raging and sizzling on the price charts. Small-cap stocks are the laggards this year, with the benchmark Russell 2000 down nearly 14% from its peak and established in a bear market. The selling may be somewhat extreme at first glance but consider that the Russell 2000 surged an excessive 33% in 2013. The reality is that gains like what we witnessed in 2013 were unwarranted; they were driven solely by the easy monetary policy put forth by the Federal Reserve and excess ... Read More

NASDAQ Foreshadowing a Bearish Event?

NASDAQ Signaling Bear Stock Market AheadThe three-day buying streak last week offered some optimism that maybe the worst was over for the stock market, but my technical analysis of the charts indicates otherwise.

While blue chip and large-cap stocks are holding up fairly well, this cannot be said of the technology, growth, and small-cap segments of the stock market.

I previously discussed the stock market risk with high-beta stocks, but there are some warning signs on the charts that foreshadow a potential sell-off in the NASDAQ in the w ... Read More

This Top Stock a Poster Child for Consistency

My Top Stock for Long-Term Investors to Rest EasyThe chase for high-beta stocks appears to be fading at this juncture, as we are seeing a shift in the risk profile to lower-beta and more conservative large-cap stocks in the stock market. After the staggering gains made by technology and small-cap stocks in 2013, it’s time to take a prudent approach to the stock market and refrain from chasing risk at this time. We are seeing a move to consumer staples stocks that tend to fare reasonably well in both up and down stock markets. While I favor small-cap stocks in an up stock market, the current tension in the stock market ... Read More

How to Navigate the Ridiculous World of Social Media Stocks

investment strategyThe tension in the stock market is clearly evident, especially with the NASDAQ and Russell 2000 breaching their respective 50-day moving average (MA). What we have seen in the stock market is a shift away from higher-beta growth and small-cap stocks to the perceived safety of blue chips and large-cap stocks, which I recently wrote about. Driving much of the current malaise in the stock market has been the selling in the technology groups, specifically the high-momentum stocks that attracted major buying euphoria in 2013, in spite of what were high valuations and overdone optimism. While I continue to like technology for growth inve ... Read More

Considering Dumping Stocks? Why You Should Reconsider

Investment StrategyI’m starting to receive more questions regarding the state of the stock market and whether it’s simply a bout of profit-taking or the set-up of a deeper stock market correction. First of all, panicking is not what you want to do. Yes, we are seeing some selling surfacing, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should go and dump stocks. After the year we had in 2013 and the fact that the bull stock market is in its fifth year and devoid of a major question despite the advance, it would not be a surprise to see some selling. Also, with bond yields beginning to rise, we will see a reduction in the assumed risk and will likely se ... Read More