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Restaurant Stock

Restaurant stocks are a stock market subsector of chain-foodservice companies. A restaurant stock may be a large franchise fast food company, chain restaurant of any variety, or a take-out food establishment.

Three Restaurant Stocks Better Than McDonald’s?

Restaurant StocksThe restaurant sector, including the fast food outlets, continues to reward investors with a good investment opportunity over the past years. The advance in the eateries has been somewhat overdone, as the stock market appears to be willing to price much higher on these stocks.

McDonald’s No Longer the Top Investment?

McDonalds Corporation (NYSE/MCD) was previously the top investment opportunity in the restaurant sector. Over a decade ago, the company recognized the market trend to healthier meals. In response, McDonald’s undertook a major transformation to its menu offering by expanding its menu to h ... Read More

Positive Numbers for U.S. Economy Driving Business to Restaurant Stocks

U.S. Economy Driving Business to Restaurant StocksRecently, in the U.S. economy, we have been seeing decent jobs numbers, cheaper gas prices, and appreciating wealth in the housing market. The end result is consumers with more money to spend on things that make them happy, such as dining and travel. And I can see an investment opportunity opening up in some restaurant stocks. When people are confident with their financial situation, they tend to spend more freely. Take a look at the chart of the Dow Jones US Restaurants & Bars Index, which has been edging higher and appears to be breaking out following a sideways channel. I feel there’s a continued investment opportunity in the sector, as lo ... Read More

Top Two Restaurant Stocks to Watch into 2015

Here's My Top Two (Tasty) Restaurant StocksThere’s simply nothing more enjoyable than a fine wine and a great meal. I’m also a beer and wings kind of guy. Over the past decade, we have seen the popularity of food shows gain steam. Triggered by the Iron Chef series, cooking shows have become mainstream reality shows with the likes of widely popular British chef Gordon Ramsey and his Hell’s Kitchen and Master Chef series. Yet the restaurant sector is not always about fine dining. It’s big business and often the most successful restaurant stocks are the fast food and casual dining chains, according to my stoc ... Read More

Can These Fast Food Stocks Provide Fast Profits?

Fast Food StocksLove them or hate them, fast food restaurants are an American institution. That’s not a huge surprise when you consider the hamburger was first created here around 1900 and the first fast food restaurant, A&W, opened its doors in 1919. For almost 100 years, our taste buds have been both regaled and assaulted by any number of fast food restaurants, now affectionately called “quick service.” From its humble beginnings, the restaurant industry has become an economic juggernaut, generating around $1.8 billion in daily sales. In 2013 alone, restaurant industry sales are expected to gen ... Read More

Stellar Jobs Growth in Restaurant Industry Making These Fast Food Stocks Irresistible

Fast Food Stocks Irresistible to InvestorsQuick-service (aka fast food) restaurants may want to herd customers in and out as swiftly as possible, but when it comes to their numbers, it’s worth slowing down a little. For example, on any given day, the restaurant industry generates around $1.8 billion in sales. In July 2013, industry sales came in at $45.83 billion, a 17.7% increase over the $38.93 billion recorded in July 2010. When it comes to pulling your weight, few do it like fast food employees: in 2011, sales per full-time-equivalent (non-supervisory) employee were a j ... Read More