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How Apple Has Launched Itself to the Top of My Favorite Stocks

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How Apple Is Making a Believer Out of Me—And Topping My Favorites ListApple (NASDAQ/AAPL) may have finally come up with the killer apps that could vault the company ahead in the global race against Google Inc.’s (NASDAQ/GOOG) “Android” phones. Now, Apple could gain mobile supremacy, based on my stock analysis.

In an unexpected move, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, inked a valuable partnership with International Business Machines Corporation (NYSE/IBM) to co-develop apps that will focus on the lucrative enterprise segment.

Based on my stock analysis, the deal is gigantic for Apple, as the company has had issues breaking into and advancing in the enterprise market, where BlackBerry Limited (NASDAQ/BBRY) continues to dominate.

As my stock analysis indicates, the venture with IBM makes a whole lot of sense, as IBM is a trusted leader in developing enterprise solutions, and in addition, IBM has extremely strong alliances around the world with top global companies. This means that Apple, with its new enterprise solutions, could accelerate in this space, especially with corporate clients making Apple their mobile and applications provider. Of course, the need to provide a more secure platform, such as BlackBerry’s, is likely the focus of the venture with IBM, as my stock analysis suggests.

Now, that’s not to say that Apple will eventually beat BlackBerry in yet another segment, but it will open up opportunities. My stock analysis is that it could take years for the venture to deliver tangible enterprise solutions, so BlackBerry does have some time to counter and try to strengthen its position under CEO John Chen, who is offering some hope for suffering BlackBerry investors.

For Apple, the enterprise apps will increase the revenue stream from this segment, which is already generating billions of dollars in annual revenues for Apple, according to my stock analysis.

For Tim Cook, this move may be the big strategy the stock market has been hoping for. He has yet to prove if he has the vision of the former CEO, the late Steve Jobs, but Cook is clearly on the right path, based on my stock analysis.

Some significant developments under Cook’s watch include…

1) The deal to add Dr. Dre’s Beats Electronics business, which will help boost Apple’s “iTunes” music segment

2) The venture to sell “iPhones” in China through a partnership with China Mobile and its 600 million-plus mobile users

3) The launch of “CarPlay” entertainment solutions for vehicles that tie in with the iPhone and “iPad,” which could see big returns

Plus, we are getting set for the launch of the highly anticipated “Android killer,” Apple’s “iOS8” operating system and “iPhone 6.”

While I have been hesitant on Apple over the past year, the moves made by Tim Cook have tremendous upside potential, making the stock an excellent possible investment opportunity, as my stock analysis indicates.

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