Published five times a week, Daily Gains Letter provides independent and unbiased guidance on personal money management and investment strategies for individual investors, written by analysts: John Whitefoot, BA, Moe Zulfiqar, BAS, and Mitchell Clark, B. Comm.Our top 19 stocks picks posted an average profit of 138.90% last year (not a misprint). We told our readers to buy gold-related investments way back in 2002 when bullion was trading under $300 an ounce. In 2005, we told our readers to get out of the real estate market. We predicted the stock market crash of 2008 and we told investors to get back into stocks in 2009. See where we are making money in 2013 and get our combined 100 years of investment experience working for you today!

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Our analysts pick their three top Canadian gold stocks for capital appreciation and income.  Yes! These three stocks are high-yielding dividend stocks with a history of consistent yearly dividends. Two are senior gold producers while one is a small-cap gold stock with proven gold reserves and a history of paying out big dividends to its shareholders. A 5% dividend on a gold stock? You bet! We show you where to get that kind of return now from a stable, profitable, debt-free small-cap gold stock!

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Meet the “Gold Gurus” behind the Daily Gains Letter


Moe Zulfiqar, BAS, has strong understanding of North American capital markets. A student of world finance and trading, he has extensive knowledge of both fundamental and technical analysis and uses them to evaluate high growth investment opportunities. Moe joined Lombardi Financial as a research analyst and provides insights about current market conditions, trends, and where the next big opportunity will surface. He analyzes macroeconomic conditions, but has special interest in Basic Materials, Financials, and Technology sectors. Moe is a graduate of the York University business program.


John Whitefoot, BA, is an Editor at Lombardi Financial specializing in low-priced investment opportunities. Prior to joining Lombardi, John worked for eight years as the Senior Financial Editor of a leading online financial newsletter. Through his career, John has profiled over 1,000 low-priced stocks researching and covering numerous sectors including healthcare, media, manufacturing, IT, education, hospitality, natural resources, and retail. He's primarily a fundamental analyst who focuses on "off radar" situations with big upside potential for the individual investor.


Mitchell Clark, B.Comm., is a Senior Editor at Lombardi Financial specializing in small-cap stocks. He’s the editor of a variety of popular Lombardi Financial newsletters, such as Micro-Cap Stocks and Income For Life. Mitchell, who has been with Lombardi Financial for fifteen years, won the Jack Madden Prize in economic history and is a long-time student of equity markets. Prior to joining Lombardi, Mitchell was as a stock broker for a large investment bank.

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Dear Reader: There is no magic formula to getting rich. Success in investment vehicles with the best prospects for price appreciation can only be achieved through proper and rigorous research and analysis. The opinions in this e-newsletter are just that, opinions of the authors. Information contained herein, while believed to be correct, is not guaranteed as accurate. Warning: Investing often involves high risks and you can lose a lot of money. Please do not invest with money you cannot afford to lose.