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U.S. Automakers

An automaker is a corporation that manufactures vehicles for sale to the general public. Large companies dominate the automotive industry, which is global and highly competitive. Typically, automakers are large employers, and they can generate a lot of business for other industries and suppliers. Two of the top U.S. automakers are Ford Motor Company (NYSE/F) and General Motors Company (NYSE/GM).

What the Fed’s Tapering Will Do to Auto Stocks and More

Auto Stocks and MoreIn spite of high unemployment and stagnant wages, sales reported by U.S. automakers have been incredibly robust, with America’s big three automakers reporting double-digit sales growth for August. General Motors Company (NYSE/GM), the second-largest U.S. automaker, said its August sales rose 15% year-over-year, making August its strongest month since September 2008. Ford Motor Company (NYSE/F), the largest U.S. automaker, and the Chrysler Group each realized 12% increases last month. (Source: “New Vehicle Sales,” Motor Intelligence web site, September 4, 2013 ... Read More